Facebook re-introduces chat rooms with ‘Rooms’

Just when you thought all anonymity on the Internet was lost, Facebook announces its latest app –Rooms. That’s right, the 10-year-old social media giant, often ridiculed for requiring its users to use their real names, is bringing back the anonymous chat room.

The free app, available in the App Store, is completely separate from Facebook and requires no personal information such as name or location. In order to start chatting, you need to be invited to a room. Invitations come in the form of special QR-like codes that can be shared on social media, email, or even in print. Read more

Topsy – Twitter at a Glance

Topsy is a great free tool for researching conversation on Twitter at a glance. Whether it’s to track the performance of a hashtag or identify a trend Topsy is a great way to quickly understand the virility of a topic on Twitter. Its paid version opens up 6 years worth of data and some helpful analytical tools.
Topsy was recently bought by Apple, what do they want from it? We will have to wait until we have the answer to that question but more likely it has to do with Topsy’s algorithms that could be put to great use in Apple’s App and iTunes Stores.