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What really matters to tween girls these days?

What really matters to tween girls these days?

That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves since being awarded the social business for I Heart UGG. This new brand features shoes, slippers and boots constructed with the UGG quality and craftsmanship you’d expect, but made for girls aged 9 – 11, a far cry from the more adult audience we’re used to dealing with for the core UGG brand. Read more

What I Learned at TED 2014

Last week at TED2014, we had the opportunity to participate in almost one hundred talks, from the 18-minute main stage talks to four-minute shorter versions, on topics ranging from suicide, transgender acceptance, girls’ education and autism to bionics, space exploration, satellites, microbes, bio-mimicry and the right to privacy. While the five days covered more topics than a good college education, what stood out was the importance of Brutal Simplicity of Thought. Given the sheer volume, it is almost impossible to recall the content of each and every one of these talks. The ones that stand out are the talks that make a single, powerful point, often without visual aids. These talks resonate because they typically tap into a universal truth, perception or belief, and either challenge or build on it to produce something simple yet memorable.
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Topsy – Twitter at a Glance

Topsy is a great free tool for researching conversation on Twitter at a glance. Whether it’s to track the performance of a hashtag or identify a trend Topsy is a great way to quickly understand the virility of a topic on Twitter. Its paid version opens up 6 years worth of data and some helpful analytical tools.
Topsy was recently bought by Apple, what do they want from it? We will have to wait until we have the answer to that question but more likely it has to do with Topsy’s algorithms that could be put to great use in Apple’s App and iTunes Stores.