March 6, 2015 Ashley Owen

The Male Perspective

I work in advertising.

I am a male.

My officemates are two women. I’m lucky to get to come to work and listen in on their ideas. They always impress me. Coming to work is such a joy. Working alongside women is a daily inspiration.

I get to work with many women at my agency. I feel lucky in that way.

The job gets stressful at times. There are days I don’t even get to see the sun outside. Sad, but it’s the job.

But, the women know how to encourage me when those days come. And they give the best compliments. And the best treats.

My name is Elroy. I am a dog.

A lucky dog in advertising.

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About the Author

Ashley Owen
Ashley Owen Ashley has a diverse Communications background that includes developing social media campaigns for a range of local fitness, healthcare, and lifestyle brands. Before coming to M&C Saatchi LA, she managed the online presence, events, and operations for TEAM TO END AIDS, an endurance events training program. She has an M.A. in Strategic Communications from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Communications from the University of Miami.