February 27, 2015 Ashley Owen

Social Gold. Or is it Social Black?

Some 24 hours, 1.2 million #thedress tweets and millions of shares later, we are struck by something more than the visual phenomenon or the science of color perception.
We are reminded of the fact that a single image has the power to spread so quickly, start so many similar conversations in so many different offices, and unite people across such a simple idea.
We are reminded, but not surprised, that a simple idea can quickly become a piece of cultural experience that spans the globe.
This is the basis of Brutal Simplicity of Thought.
Even the science behind it is based in Brutal Simplicity of Thought:
The Bezold Effect is named after a rug designer who made a very simple observation. “He recognized this effect when searching for a method through which he could change the color combinations of his rug designs entirely by adding or changing one color only.” 1
The power of a simple idea.

1. (Source: Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, 1968 via: http://www.citylab.com/tech/2015/02/heres-an-app-that-explains-thedress-once-and-for-all/386381/?utm_source=SFTwitter

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